Conqueror's Blade Seasons

Throughout the lifespan of Conqueror's Blade, new content and special events debut through seasons. These 10-15 week events typically revolve around a plot and offer up some pretty nice rewards. 

Each season features a battle pass, seasonal challenges, unit challenges to unlock, a seasonal campaign, a seasonal store filled with exclusive skins, and special limited-time gameplay modes. While it is possible to unlock unit challenges for previous seasons, it is impossible to access the seasonal store for prior seasons or complete seasonal challenges.

Battle Pass

The Seasonal Battle Pass is split into an Upper and Lower Path. The Upper path is for those who have purchased the Battle Pass through the in-game store. The rewards tend to be more frequent and offer a lot of cosmetic and useful items.

The lower path is available to all players and offers a wide variety of currencies, siege weapons, blueprints, and cosmetic items.


A new set of challenges unlocks each week which will allow you to earn battle pass levels. Typically there are 10 challenges per week. Each week you are able to reset 2 challenges in case you don't like a couple of them.

Unit Challenges

Each season brings several new units and upgraded units. These can be unlocked through various challenges. They typically also offer some special doctrines that can't be found anywhere else. Each stage of the unit challenges requires the previous stage to be met before you can take on new challenges.


The season is broken up into several campaign stages that offer a couple of additional challenges for some extra rewards. Be sure to take a look at the campaigns tab to see what the current challenges are and to collect your rewards.

Seasonal Store

Inside the seasonal store, you will find the exclusive seasonal skins for weapons, armor and horse attire. In addition, you can find a wealth of items and rewards that can help you along your journey.

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