Building Your Warband

Being the toughest hero in the game is great and all, but it won't get you far alone. In Conqueror's Blade, a hero must master his weapons, fighting style, and unit command to truly be successful. It's the difference between a victory and a split second defeat. Hero's are not gods, they are not some dynasty champion who can take on thousands alone. The strength of a hero comes from the units at their side and thus it is important to pick complementary troops to your fighting style.


When choosing an infantry unit there are several key things to keep in mind. Make sure you're not using a fork to eat clam chowder. Always play to the unit's strength. 


These units are designed to be up in a skirmish. They are strong and capable warriors that can cleave their way to victory by wading in the blood and tears of their foes.

Charge Units

There are a wide variety of charge Units in Conqueror's Blade. From pikes to halberds to swords and shields the charge mechanic is one of the first skills you should master. Typically it works best when hitting flanks.

Brace Units

These units are one of the most important in the game. They are the natural enemy of cavalry but will fall with ease or left unprotected. Typically brace Units work in conjunction with shield walls in a symbiotic relationship. If left in the open any ranged units can quickly decimate them so it is your top priority to keep them covered at all times. 

Shield Wall Units

The Shield Wall is a staple of any defense. There are several shield walls that serve a very distinct purpose of holding a line and providing an impassable moving wall. That said there are several units and hero abilities to counter shield walls so it is important to have a complimentary unit supporting the wall. 


Ranged units come in a variety of projectile types that are each used for different purposes.


Archers tend to fire their arrows in an arch which can be really useful when trying to shoot over an object like a wall or building. Their range is typically longer than bolts or bullets and they have a variety of effects such as poison, fire, bodkin, or bleeding attached to them. Archer units are highly useful for taking out units at long range.


Crossbows are your standard showstopper unit. Their bolts do more damage than arrows but fire slower. They also have the ability to hit multiple targets in a row as they pierce up to three targets. Most crossbow units need to be closer to the fight and are only slightly tougher than archers so don't get them too close to the action. They are also limited to firing in straight lines and can not arch shots over objects. Their bolts can also cause a stunning effect which can make it difficult for heroes to get away before dying.


Firearms have tremendous stopping power and can scare horses causing them to halt and panic. The fire rate greatly changes based on the unit and level of the unit. They are the toughest of the ranged classes typically wearing chainmail but also have to be closer to the fight than archers. Their bullets can stun units and even break shields. They are limited to firing in straight lines so they are best used in areas where you don't need to shoot over objects and can't be fired upon over objects. 


Occasionally special ranged units are introduced which serve a very specific purpose. Some of them are useful, while others are simply too limited to be useful in most situations.


Calvary is expensive and requires a lot of practice to master. I highly recommend perfecting your abilities with foot soldiers before taking on cavalry. Mainly because you will not only need to replace the kit for the unit but also the horse which is the fastest bronze bleed in the game. If you value your coin purse be sure to save these for last.


Ranged cavalry takes a lot of practice to master. Your goal is to keep your cavalry at the greatest distance possible while still being able to attack. There are a few hybrid Cavalry units like the Fire Lancers and Khevtuul Cavalry that can work in both Melee and Ranged modes. However, they do not have the armor that their melee-focused counterparts have which makes them less likely to survive the encounter.


When it comes to Melee cavalry the range from Damage Dealer to Damage Taker greatly varies. There are units such as the Kheshigs who travel fast and kill even faster at your disposal as well as the slow-moving Monastic Knights and Sipahis. The one thing that rings true with all Cavalry is that they deal more damage when in motion. Don't allow them to sit idle unless you want to watch them die.