Modao Battalion Unit Guide

Unit Details

  • Season 7: Dynasty
  • Acquisition: Seasonal Challenges
  • Unlocked Via: Seasonal Unit Challenges
  • Type: Melee Infantry - Polearm
  • Era: Golden Era

Loyal, respected among their peers, and highly skilled in battle, the Modao Battalion are among the most distinguished warriors in all of Longting and can be yours to command in Season VIII: Dynasty!

The Modao wield their fearsome signature weapon, the great bladed ‘modao’ with expert ease and can cut down any foe in their path. Forming the core of the Hao Jing Imperial Guard, they guard the capital city of Longting with unrelenting dedication.

The Modao Battalion is among the most distinguished military organisations in Longting. When the second Qian Emperor founded their former army, their expeditions sometimes lasted for decades, but they remained undefeated.

When ordered to carry out the Modao March order, the unit will immediately launch a forward attack, knocking down enemies in their path. Their traits protect them from numerous types of assault, including fire resistance, immovability, and the ability to stop cavalry and inflict a slow effect.

Core Unit Statistics

Basic Attributes
Health 6,959 Strength (Units) 24
Leadership 245 Speed 5.00
Range 0 Ammo 0
Labour 3.36 Max Level 30
Combat Proficiency
Piercing AP 1,455 Piercing DMG 1,232 Piercing DEF 696
Slashing AP 1,536 Slashing DMG 1,485 Slashing DEF 624
Blunt AP 0 Blunt DMG 0 Blunt DEF 450
Terrain Effects
Desert Plains Hills Steppe Urban
Bad Good Fair Fair Good

Unit Traits:

  • Wall of Blades - Unit attacks can stop enemy cavalry for 1 second and also inflict 60% Slow against them.
  • Immovable - The Madao Battalions have strict military discipline and will not fall into disarray. When normally sent flying by enemies, this unit will simply be knocked back instead. While in under the Immovable effect, 50% damage taken from cavalry and lancers is converted to stable bleed damage.
  • Fire-Resistant - This unit's armour is less vulnerable to thermal weapons than other units of the same era.
  • Qian Dynasty - Leadership cost reduced by 15 during Season VIII.


  • Three Rank - The unit lines up in three rows, greatly improving ability to deal with charging attacks.
  • Trapezoid Formation - The unit spreads out a little to lessen the damage from concentrated attacks.

Unit Orders:

  • Modao Advance - The unit immediately enters battle formation and focuses on defending against the enemy.
  • Modao March - Madao March - Upon hearing the order, the unit immediately launches a forward attack, dazing nearby enemies and knocking them back, while stabbing enemies that are farther away. If unable to attack enemies, the unit's movement speed will increase for a short period as they move towards the enemy.
  • Carnage - The unit holds their blades in front of them and sprints in the designated direction. Upon encountering an enemy, they slash as hard as they can.

Veterancy Paths:

Core Path:

  • The Soldier's Life (1): Each level increases health by 3%.

Top Path:

  • Razor-Sharp (3): Each level Increases slashing damage by 2%
  • Hone (3): Each level Increases slashing armour penetration by 5%
  • Anti-Cavalry (2): Each level increases damage dealt to cavalry by 5%.
  • Hone (3): Each level increases Modao Order damage by 5%.
  • Cold Blood (3): Each level Increases Piercing Damage by 3%
  • Force (3): Each level increases piercing armour penetration by 5%.
  • Reflexes (2): Each level increases ranged resistance by 5%.
  • Hone (3): Each level increases Carnage's damage by 3%
  • Anti-Cavalry (2): Each level increases damage dealt to cavalry by 5%.
  • Overthrow (1): Reduces Carnage's cooldown by 10 seconds.

Bottom Path:

  • Bloodbath (3): Each level increases slashing defence by 3%
  • Toughen Up (3): Each Level Increases piercing defence by 3%
  • Rearguard (2): Each level reduces damage taken from rear attacks by 5%
  • The Soldiers Life (2): Each level increases Health by 3%
  • Reflexes (2): Each level reduces ranged damage taken by 5%.
  • Unswerving (3): Each level increases blunt defense by 3%.
  • Toughen Up (3): Each level reduces damage taken when attacked from the rear by 5%.
  • The Soldiers Life (2): Each level increases Health by 3%
  • Toughen Up (3): Each level reduces damage taken while using Carnage by 5%
  • Traps (1): Increases all defences by 10%.

Unit Kit Crafting

Unit Kit Recipe

Modao Battalion Kit
Fief Level Req.: 6
Cost: 200

5 Laterite
6 Varnished Wood

8 Pure Iron
8 Wrought Iron

Eagle Range (NA) Crafting Locations:
Fief Region Fief Level Availability
Fort Warsun Longting 4 Fief Level Too Low
Darkyn Maoyang 3 Fief Level Too Low
Yuan Ciaoguan Longting 3 Fief Level Too Low
Qintai Longting 3 Fief Level Too Low

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