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Debuting in Conqueror's Blade Season 16: Sengoku, Unit Mastery takes your traditional units to the next level. As the roster of Mastery Units grows you will need to pick and choose which units you'd like to improve. These select units gain a new Unit Mastery option on their profile that allows you to upgrade them 8 times using Scrolls of Mastery. There are 6 Masteries that you will need Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery (Green) to unlock, and 2 Masteries that you will need Rare Scrolls of Mastery (Blue) to unlock.

Each unit has its own unique mastery tree which can be unlocked as you level your unit up. Some of these offer entirely new ways to play the units by unlocking new abilities and strengths.

Gaining Scrolls of Mastery

Scrolls of Mastery can be gained in several ways. To view the various ways click the "+" next to the scroll required for a specific mastery. It will open a quick and easy list to jump to any of the three major methods to earn these scrolls.

Honour Store

You can purchase Mastery Scroll each week for a various amount of Honour. Among the quickest and easiest ways to earn Honour is by Fief Questing. In addition to that, completing dailies and weekly quests also offers a healthy dose of Honour.

Exchange Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery

You can exchange Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery for Rare Scrolls of Mastery at a 1 to 5 ratio. Be careful doing this as you will need a whole lot of Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery. Sometimes its best just to wait.

Mastery Commander (PvE Mode)

In Conqueror’s Blade: Season 16: Sengoku a new exciting solo escapade launched in the form of Mastery Commander. Defeat invading enemies in this Player versus Environment (PVE) mode, where the rewards add to your Unit Mastery progress.

Engage in this fresh mode daily and utilize the rewards below to enhance your Units through Unit Mastery:

  • Uncommon Scrolls of Mastery
  • Rare Scrolls of Mastery

I have taken the opportunity to record a short demonstration of how to successfully beat the Mastery Commander mode in the least amount of time. The rewards are random and do not grow or shrink based on performance. So there is no need to kill every single unit on the battlefield.

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