Chevaliers Unit Guide

Unit Details

  • Season 10: Paragons
  • Acquisition: Seasonal Challenges
  • Unlocked Via: Seasonal Unit Challenges
  • Type: Cavalry - Lancer
  • Era: Golden Era

Core Unit Statistics

Basic Attributes
Health 7,349 Strength (Units) 14
Leadership 340 Speed 7.00
Range 0 Ammo 0
Labour 1.34 Max Level 30
Combat Proficiency
Piercing AP 1,437 Piercing DMG 767 Piercing DEF 758
Slashing AP 0 Slashing DMG 0 Slashing DEF 789
Blunt AP 0 Blunt DMG 0 Blunt DEF 837
Terrain Effects
Desert Plains Hills Steppe Urban
Fair Great Bad Good Poor

Unit Kit Crafting

Unit Kit Recipe

Chevaliers Kit
Fief Level Req.: 6
Cost: 200

12 Finished Leather
10 Composite Wood

14 Pure Iron
11 Refined Copper

Eagle Range (NA) Crafting Locations:
Fief Region Fief Level Availability
Zadeni Borderlands 4 Fief Level Too Low
Kochi Borderlands 3 Fief Level Too Low
Dianliu Borderlands 1 Fief Level Too Low

Lore Books:

Chevaliers I

[The text is quite long, but you are able to glean a few details:]
Feudal culture in Pays-de-la-Gloire is deeply entrenched: From the king to the dukes, to the earls, to the baron down to the dreaded bailiffs and constables, and finally to the tenant farmers and the landless serfs, no-one in this land is ever allowed to forget their place in the great chain of obligations and fealties. These obligations include fighting in the wars of one's overlord. Any chevalier who values the esteem of his peers (which is to say, all of them) will bring the best fighters he can, but since most peasants pay their rent in goods and labour, their knightly overlords often mercenaries. When they need to build a retinue of armed men to take to war, some chevaliers take the strongest and most able fighters from among their own tenants.

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