Shenji Grenadiers Unit Guide

Unit Details

  • Season 8: Tyranny
  • Acquisition: Seasonal Challenges
  • Unlocked Via: Seasonal Unit Challenges or 25,000 Bronze Honour
  • Type: Ranged Infantry - Arquebusier
  • Era: Golden Era

These well-equipped ordnance experts possess high-precision firearms in the form of elite muskets. Thunder may appear to roll across the battlefield, but it is actually the sound of the Shenji Grenadier’s weapons clapping.

Along with their powerful muskets, the Shenji Grenadiers live up to their incendiary name with bomb-throwing skills that can cause blast injuries to any foes in their wake.

We initially revealed Shenji Grenadiers as a Unit that we intended to have joined the Unit Tree during Season VIII: Dynasty. Though it’s taken longer than expected for these Eastern warriors to gain some traction, we’re happy to announce that in addition to being unlockable via Seasonal Challenges, you will also be able to unlock Shenji Grenadiers using Honour via the Unit Tree later in Season IX.

Core Unit Statistics

Basic Attributes
Health 4,081 Strength (Units) 15
Leadership 315 Speed 5.00
Range 60 Ammo 600
Labour 2.10 Max Level 30
Combat Proficiency
Piercing AP 2,962 Piercing DMG 3,028 Piercing DEF 509
Slashing AP 0 Slashing DMG 0 Slashing DEF 476
Blunt AP 1,328 Blunt DMG 682 Blunt DEF 365
Terrain Effects
Desert Plains Hills Steppe Urban
Bad Good Fair Fair Great

Unit Traits:

  • Precise Aim: This unit's guns are made by the finest gunsmiths, giving them superb accuracy.
  • Exquisite Armaments: This unit has firearms and grenades, an unmatched combination for maximum firepower.
  • Borderlanders: Leadership cost of this unit is reduced by 10 during Season IX: Tyranny.
  • Fire-Resistant: This unit's armour is less vulnerable to thermal weapons than other units of the same era.
  • Combat Penalty vs Heroes: Ranged damage dealt to heroes by this unit reduced by 25%.


  • Dispersed: A loose formation that reduces unit vulnerability to ranged weapons.
  • Three Ranks: The unit forms three ranks. Good for concentrating fire.

Unit Orders:

  • Attack Area: Orders the unit to fire a salvo on the designated area. Afterward, they will attack enemies in the area at will.
  • Throw Grenades: The unit throws grenades at the targeted area, dealing area-of-effect damage and knocking down enemy soldiers. For 10 seconds after using the order, the unit's shooting speed and accuracy is increased, and the unit will lay down suppressive fire on the targeted area. Using any other unit order during this period will cancel this effect.

    Grenade ammunition is counted separately from musket ammunition.

Veterancy Paths:

Base Path:

  • Cold Blood (1): Increases piercing damage by 3%.

Top Path:

  • Force (3): Each level increases piercing armour penetration by 5%.
  • Move as One (1): Each level increases movement speed by 3%.
  • Like Clockwork (3): Each level increases rate of fire by 6%.
  • Sharp Shot (2): Each level increases accuracy by 5%.
  • Cold Blood (3): Each level increases piercing damage by 3%.
  • Fire by Ranks (2): Each level increases health by 3%.
  • A Hundred Paces (3): Each level increases weapons range by 5 metres.
  • Improved Supplies (3): Each level increases ammo by 5%.
  • Cold Blood (3): Each level increases piercing damage by 3%.
  • Mighty (1): When a bullet hits the enemy, Block is reduced by 200 points.

Bottom Path:

  • Bloodbath (3): Each level increases piercing defence by 3%.
  • Reflexes (1): Each level reduces ranged damage taken by 10%.
  • Butcher's Bill (3): Each level increases blunt damage by 6%.
  • Toughen Up (2): Each level reduces Throw Grenades' charge cooldown by 2 seconds.
  • Wind Thunder (3): Increases all defences by 2%.
  • Thunderous Power (3): Each level increases Throw Grenades damage by 5%.
  • The Soldier's Life (1): Each level increases movement speed by 3%.
  • Thunderous Exertion (2): Each level increases health by 3%.
  • Rushing Thunder (2): Each level increases Throw Grenade's range by 3 metres.
  • Imperial (1): Each level reduces Throw Grenades' cooldown by 6 seconds.

Unit Kit Crafting

Unit Kit Recipe

Shenji Grenadiers Kit
Fief Level Req.: 6
Cost: 200

6 Fine Fabric
15 Boiled Leather

15 Pure Iron
1 Dragon Gunpowder

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By: Foghladha of Gaiscioch | Last Update: August 23rd, 2023