Season 11: Paragons

Take on a brand new Seasonal Campaign inspired by the legendary wars and heroes of Medieval France. Begin your campaign in the starting region of the Borderlands, and keep the Loegrians at bay from glorious Pays-de-la-Gloire. Do battle in twice-weekly Territory Wars with your House, complete Stages, and keep the faith during the final struggle in Augolia at the end of the Season.

Table of Contents:


The Story

North of the Great Isles of Loegria and Aelba lies the glorious kingdom of Pays-de-la-Gloire. Created from the ruins of the old Empire, this rich and fertile land is broken up by numerous rivers and mountain ranges, and shares borders with many lands.

Pays-de-la-Gloire is also home to decadent industry; from mining to winemaking, tapestry-weaving to shipbuilding. It is this affluence that causes its neighbours to look on with jealousy, and where trouble begins to brew.

While the Highlanders of Aelba stand strong on the shoulders of their defeat of Loegria, the vanquished ruler, King Edmund, is planning a way to heal his fresh wounds, and has set his sights on the magnificent Pays-de-la-Gloire, and its leader Robert IV…

But against this injustice, paragons of virtue stand with banners firmly planted, stout hearts beating defiantly, and horses rared. Knights and healers alike are ready to face any threat, spurred on by a fearless warrior-seer, Gabrielle-Mäelys, who is determined to make her vision of victory a reality.

Campaign Schedule

Mar. 17: Opening Moves - Borderlands

  • Tue, Mar 22: Battle #1 - House Max Level: 3
  • Sat, Mar 26: Battle #2 - House Max Level: 4

Mar. 28: Eve of the Storm - Borderlands + Ungverija

  • Tue, Mar 29: Battle #3 - House Max Level: 4
  • Sat, Apr 2: Battle #4 - House Max Level: 5
  • Tue, Apr 5: Battle #5 - House Max Level: 5
  • Sat, Apr 9: Battle #6 - House Max Level: 6
  • Tue, Apr 12: Battle #7 - House Max Level: 6
  • Sat, Apr 16: Battle #8 - House Max Level: 7

Apr 18: All is Chaos - Borderlands + Ungverija + Ostaria

  • Tue, Apr 19: Battle #9 - House Max Level: 7
  • Sat, Apr 23: Battle #10 - House Max Level: 7
  • Tue, Apr 26: Battle #11 - House Max Level: 8
  • Sat, Apr 30: Battle #12 - House Max Level: 8

May 2: Usurp the Thrones - Turul Varos

  • Tue, May 3: Battle #13 - House Max Level: 8
  • Sat, May 7: Battle #14 - House Max Level: 8
  • Tue, May 10: Battle #15 - House Max Level: 8
  • Sat, May 14th: Battle #16 - House Max Level: 9

May 16: Imperial Dawn - Augolia + Turul Varos

  • Tue, May 17: Battle #17 - House Max Level: 9
  • Sat, May 21: Battle #18- House Max Level: 9
  • Tue, May 24: Battle #19 - House Max Level: 9
  • Sat, May 28: Battle #20- House Max Level: 9

New Seasonal Units

Recruit three new Seasonal units inspired by the chivalric champions of France, and comprised of the most devoted paragons in the realm:

Alchemists (3-Star)
March 17th

Historically, the field of alchemy isn’t wholly concerned with the school of healing, except for an off-shoot field of study known as spagyrics. This alchemical preparation of medicines originated in the 16th century and was spearheaded by the physician, alchemist, and philosopher Paracelsus. Combining nature and science, spagyrics are alchemically crafted to produce a highly potent medicine, perfect for quick fixes to troops on the front.

Alchemists are the second all-female unit in Conqueror’s Blade and a unique healing support class, and specialise in saving allies rather than fighting enemies. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of alchemy, these valiant women of the Spagyric Order of Mercy swoop in to tend to bleeding allies and apply healing effects.

In this time of uncertainty in Pays-de-la-Gloire, the members of this medical institution have volunteered their expertise to bravely heal the wounded on the battlefield. With only small knives at their disposal to protect themselves from enemies, their alchemy can be handy in other ways, such as for laying down temporary smokescreens that block foes’ vision and apply debuffs.

Core Unit Statistics

Basic Attributes
Health 3,347 Strength (Units) 6
Leadership 120 Speed 5.0
Range - Ammo -
Labour 1.08 Max Level ?
Combat Proficiency
Piercing AP 815 Piercing DMG 858 Piercing DEF 302
Slashing AP 652 Slashing DMG 855 Slashing DEF 283
Blunt AP 0 Blunt DMG 0 Blunt DEF 195

Terrain Effects:

  • Desert - Bad
  • Plains - Fair
  • Hills - Fair
  • Steppe - Fair
  • Urban - Good

Unit Traits:

  • Paragons - For the duration of Season XI this unit's Leadership cost is reduced by 10 points.
  • Courage In Adversity - Alchemists will not actively attack the enemy when using Healing Hands or Blinding Smoke. When given an Attack order, they will wield their knives and fight like a melee unit until ordered to use Healing Hands or Blinding Smoke, at which point they will put their weapons away once more.
  • Dress Code - This unit can only use attires exclusive to it.


  • Dispersed - The unit forms a spread-out square formation to lessen the impact of ranged attacks.
  • Line - The Alchemists spread out somewhat into ranks.

Unit Orders:

  • Healing Hands - The unit will set up and remain in the designated spot to give a powerful healing effect to any friendly wounded unit sent to them.
  • Blinding Smoke - The unit throws a special smoke canister at the designated area, creating a temporary smokescreen. The smoke will temporarily slow down affected enemy units, and reduce the accuracy of enemy firearm units.

Veterancy Bonuses:

Core Path:

  • The Soldiers Life (1): Each level increases health by 3%

Top Path:

  • Razor-Sharp (3): Each level increases slashing damage by 5%.
  • Cold Blood (3): Each level increases piercing damage by 5%.
  • Hone (3): Each level increases slashing armour penetration by 5%.
  • Force (3): Each level increases piercing armour penetration by 5%.
  • Orthodox (1): Upon entering melee combat, grants a 20-second Oathbreaking effect, increasing damage dealt by 50% and reducing damage taken by 50%. This effect has a 1-minute cooldown.

Middle Path:

  • Toughen Up (3): Each level increases piercing defense by 3%.
  • Resilient (3): Increases blunt defence by 3%.
  • Bloodbath (3): Each level increases slashing defense by 3%.
  • The Soldiers Life (3): Each level increases health by 2%.
  • Move as One (3): Each level increases movement speed by 4%.
  • Top: Hearty (1): Healing Hands cooldown is reduced by 10 seconds. Increases Alchemists' maximum health by 15% for the skill's duration.
  • Bottom: Piety (1): Adds 2 more personnel to the unit.

Bottom Path:

  • Close Quarters (3): Each level increases resistance to melee damage by 5%.
  • Well-versed (3): Every level reduces Blinding Smoke's cooldown by 5 seconds.
  • Reflexes (3): Each level increases resistance to ranged weapons by 5%.
  • Rushing Thunder (3): Each level increases Blinding Smoke's max throw range by 3 meters.
  • Acclaimed (1): Blinding Smoke is no longer affected by rain or snow and area effect is increased by 20%.

Banner Guards (4-Star)
March 28th

The Banner Guards are inspired by Joan of Arc’s knights who carried their banners high in the siege of Orléans. Flags were an important symbol of ancient warfare, used not just for regimental communication between sets of troops, but also as a morale booster, and a reminder of just what these armies were fighting for. Distinctive banners have been used for centuries throughout the world. Joan’s flags were white and featured the iconic fleur-de-lys to symbolise purity.

Banner Guards feel privileged to carry the banner for their leaders in Conqueror’s Blade. These veteran soldiers are skilled in a variety of weapons, including swords, axes, and hammers. When commanding them, you will be equipped with a unique ability: charge with your Banner Guards, regardless of any cooldowns active on the unit.

By bravely planting their banner, the unit applies attack damage and defensive buffs to surrounding troops, rallying weary allies to renew their efforts. 

However flexible and aggressive the unit may be, they do have one weakness. The soldier carrying the banner is vulnerable, and his loss will force the Banner Guards to regroup and summon a new standard-bearer. 

Core Unit Statistics

Basic Attributes
Health 6,427 Strength (Units) 25
Leadership 215 Speed 5.0
Range - Ammo -
Labour 3.50 Max Level ?
Combat Proficiency
Piercing AP 1,274 Piercing DMG 978 Piercing DEF 478
Slashing AP 1,156 Slashing DMG 1,363 Slashing DEF 500
Blunt AP 1,179 Blunt DMG 1,021 Blunt DEF 385

Terrain Effects:

  • Desert - Poor
  • Plains - Good
  • Hills - Good
  • Steppe - Fair
  • Urban - Good

Unit Traits:

  • Paragons - For the duration of Season XI this unit's Leadership cost is reduced by 10 points.
  • Cooperation - A hero can temporarily gain new abilities and a 5,000-point maximum health increase by picking up the banner.
  • Mixed Weaponry - This unit is composed of a variety of soldiers. This includes the flag-bearer who has an additional 6,000 health and 100 points to all Defence values. When the flag-bearer is killed, the unit will no longer be able to use the 'Plant the Banner' skill.
  • Rally - Resets charge skill cooldown for all allies within range and increases their charge damage.


  • Dispersed - A loose formation that reduces unit vulnerability to ranged weapons.
  • Guard - Soldiers form a dense schiltron formation to resist enemies from all around.
  • Column - A narrow formation effective for charging under enemy fire.

Unit Orders:

  • Plant the Banner - The flag-bearer plants a banner that lasts for 30 seconds, during which time nearby allied units will get an extra 200 points to all defenses. If an allied hero picks up the banner, he or she will put away their equipped weapon but will get an exclusive skill set to use while they are carrying the banner.
  • Indomitable - When the unit is in Dispersed formation, all of the Defence and Damage values will be increased by 100 points for 10 Seconds. If the unit is in Guard formation, all Defence values will be increased by 300 points. While in Column formation, all Damage values will be increased by 500 points.
  • Charge - Initiates a Charge.

Veterancy Bonuses:

  • Coming Soon

Chevaliers (5-Star)
April 18th

Historically, cavalry units can turn the tide of battle, and the Chevaliers are no exception to this rule. During Joan of Arc’s triumphant campaign during the Hundred Years’ War, soldiers on horseback were responsible for breaking through enemy units to access blocked roads. Heavy cavalry was considered the most powerful of the forces used in the conflict, but tactics were soon developed to deal with the laboriously armoured steeds.

Chevaliers are lavishly equipped and powerful, and these noble-born men look down upon those around them with arrogance. 

Fitted with a new ‘retinue’ mechanic, they can command units of their own, who must faithfully answer the summons, whether they be peasants, infantry, or cavalry.

Their horses enable them to make devastating charges, and if anyone is still left standing after that, the Chevaliers can ruthlessly finish them off with their mastery of close combat.

Core Unit Statistics

Basic Attributes
Health 7,135 Strength (Units) 14
Leadership 330 Speed 6.5
Range - Ammo -
Labour 1.34 Max Level 30
Combat Proficiency
Piercing AP 1,437 Piercing DMG 752 Piercing DEF 758
Slashing AP 0 Slashing DMG 0 Slashing DEF 789
Blunt AP 0 Blunt DMG 0 Blunt DEF 837

Terrain Effects:

  • Desert - Fair
  • Plains - Great
  • Hills - Bad
  • Steppe - Good
  • Urban - Poor

Unit Traits:

  • Paragons - For the duration of Season XI this unit's Leadership cost is reduced by 10 points.
  • Retinue Company - On the battlefield, the Chevaliers and their retinue will operate as a single unit.
    • If Chevaliers use their Assault order:
      - Melee cavalry and infantry retinues will charge along with the Chevaliers.
      - Ranged infantry will follow the Chevaliers, while firing at the enemy.
    • If the Chevaliers use Lance Thrust:
      - Melee cavalry will rush the enemy. 
      - Melee infantry will gain an attack speed buff.
      - Ranged infantry will stand in place and shoot more rapidly.
  • Knightly Arrogance - The fewer stars the retinue unit has, the more damage the Chevaliers will deal in battle.
  • Heavy Warhorses - Ranged damage taken while charging is increased by 15%. In melee combat, the warhorse is not easily blocked and can knock down foes.


  • Dispersed - A loose formation that reduces unit vulnerability to ranged weapons.
  • Battle Formation - The Chevaliers get in formation and order their retinue unit to form up:
    - Melee infantry will line up on either side of the Chevaliers.
    - Melee cavalry will line up in front of the Chevaliers.
    - Ranged units will line up behind the Chevaliers.

Unit Orders:

  • Assault - The Chevaliers initiate a powerful charge. Any target hit by the charge will take a greatly increased amount of damage if it is hit by Assault's charge again within a short amount of time. When this skill is activated, it grants a buff to retinue unit, increasing it's movement speed and damage resistance.
  • Lance Thrust - The unit makes use of their lances in close combat, sending enemies flying.

Veterancy Bonuses:

Coming Soon

New Map: La Grande Gloire (Siege)

As Loegria approaches the city of Aurelian, the people of Pays-de-la-Gloire must stand firm on the fronts of La Grande Gloire, or risk a terrible defeat.

Inspired by the Siege of Orléans (October 12, 1428 – May 8, 1429), where heroine Joan of Arc led the French army to victory, this new map challenges players on each side to use architecture to their advantage. When the English were at their strongest, Orléans was the key city that held symbolic significance of the power struggle between the two nations. Bridges were destroyed in order to protect the occupied city, and before fixes could be deployed, extra French troops arrived to storm into battle.

This new 15v15 Siege Map for Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons invites Warlords to defend or attack the city, where rebuilding or destroying bridges is critical to success for either side. These quick fixes also apply to artillery, which can be regenerated to destroy targets whether attacking or defending.

Season 11 Battle Pass

Pre-purchase the Paragons Battle Pass to earn exclusive in-game rewards now and when Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons launches. The following instant rewards are only available when you pre-purchase the Battle Pass in-game or from MY.GAMES Market before March 17:

  • Paragons Battle Pass: Active from March 17!
  • 2x King's Commandment: Redeem them from March 17 to receive 5,000 Glory per item and boost your Battle Pass level.
  • 10x Unit Medals: Each Unit Medal grants 5,000 Unit XP to a selected unit.
  • 50,000 Bronze Coins: In-game currency.
  • 1x Treatise: This allows the War Scholar to excavate ancient battlefields and collect Doctrines to give your units helpful bonuses.

Earn over 100 levels of rewards from the Battle Pass in Conqueror’s Blade: Paragons, including all-new and exclusive cosmetics, Emotes, currency to exchange for new Weapon Skins, and so much more. The highest honour sits at Tier 100, and is only for the most devoted of revolutionaries—The Ordre du Pucelles Hero Attire. You’ll receive the Ordre de l'Aigle Attire straight away when you activate your Battle Pass on March 17!

New Weapon Skins

Quality of Life Improvements


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Conqueror’s Blade is now available to download and play for free on Microsoft PC via MY.GAMES and Steam!

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Season 11 History

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