Season 2: Wrath of the Nomads

Season 2 launched on December 19th, 2019 and brought with it many new features. For the first time ever the unit challenges made their appearance allowing players to unlock 6 different units by completing challenges. In addition, it brought a Mongolian themed armor and weapon set to the game. They also introduced open-world matchmaking, UI changes, new ranking and player title systems, weekly challenges, and even more.

Season 2 Backstory

A realm of infinite opportunity draws aspiring conquerors from afar, but there are those who have always been here, and always will be… Through the piercing bite of winter, drought, famine, and unspeakably blood-soaked chapters in their war-torn history, the nomadic tribes endure.

The Sons of the Steppes are warriors who hail from the great rolling steppes of the north. They live off the land while enduring the harshest environments, yet their combat skills have decided the fates of empires in the past. Knowledge is power, and their survival skills and history within this land makes many warlords eager to draw swords with them.

Seasonal Units: Sons Of The Steppes

The Sons of the Steppes line contains six new units: Namkhan Archers (Tier 3), Selemchid Cavalry (Tier 3), Khorchins (Tier 3), Tsereg Swordsmen (Tier 4), Khevtuul Cavalry (Tier 4), and Kheshigs (Tier 5). These units can be unlocked through the completion of a special set of challenges, after which they’ll be permanently available to recruit without spending any Honour!

New Battle Pass, Challenges, and Nomadic-Themed Cosmetics

The Battle Pass is back for Season II, featured over 100 levels of season-exclusive rewards. This time around, they made it even easier to blaze through the lower levels and rack up rewards at a much faster pace.

Season II was themed around the newly-discovered nomadic tribes, you were able to unlock a selection of epic cosmetic items inspired by their culture. Clad your warriors in thick furs, antler helms, and the garb of the proud peoples of the Steppes!

3 New Battlefields

Let blades bleed and shields shatter in a trio of new maps: Allenburg (Siege), Emerald River (15 v 15 Field Battle), and Cliff Duel (Deathmatch)! Starting with this update, we will also be temporarily taking some older maps out of rotation on a regular basis to work on balance changes and other tweaks, before reintroducing them at a later date. Enjoy the new maps, and look forward to fairer fights on fully-optimized battlefields!

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