Longsword & Shield

I highly recommend all new players pick this one up. This is one of the more essential classes for farming bronze and silver. It is the champion of AI opponents and will help you maximize returns when participating in Training Yard, Expedition, and Rebel Camp Battles. Think of the Longsword & Shield class as one of the best starting weapons for new players.

Armour Class: Heavy


  • Able to heal units and players
  • Able to give a speed boost to units & players
  • Shield blocks most attacks
  • With Valour III, Sally Forth and Class of Shields provide a Knockdown.
  • Shield Bash allows you to break Daze & Knockdowns
  • The Best Suited Class for PvE


  • Knockdowns & Stuns - They only have 1 normal skill and 1 elite skill that will allow them to break knockdowns or stuns.
  • Heal instantly expires while poisoned, on fire, or bleeding.


Core Longsword & Shield Skills
Skill Effects Damage Type Cooldown
With Valour (I, II, III) Knockdown (III) Slashing(I-III)
Blunt (III)
20/18/16 sec
Paladin (I, II, III) Snare Slashing(I-III) 10 sec
Mercy of Heaven (I, II, III) Self Heal (I-III)
AOE Heal (III)
None 20 sec
Shield Bash (I, II, III) Removes Dazed Effect
Reduces Block
Blunt 12 sec
Martial Prowess (I, II, III) Self Heal Slashing 14/12/10 sec
Knightly Vows (I, II, III) Speed Boost None 42/38/36 sec
Elite Longsword & Shield Skills
Skill Effects Damage Type Cooldown
Clash of Shields (I, II, III) Knockdown
Blunt 60/55/50 sec
Sally Forth (I, II, III) Knockdown
Removes Daze
47/42/37 sec

Foghladha's Recommendation


  • Strength: 45
  • Agility: 35 
  • Armour: 30
  • Toughness: 30


  • With Valour - For Knockdown
  • Shield Bash - For Quick Recovery
  • Mercy of Heaven - For Healing Troops
  • Clash of Shields - For Breaking Walls and Knocking Down Heroes

How to defeat

If you are fighting a longsword, I recommend using poisoned weapon units or bleed units to mitigate the heals a Longsword can put out. They have less CC than most classes but their healing ability makes it important to burn them down quickly. Their heals will not work if there is some form of fire, bleed, or poison effect. Knocking a longsword to the ground is the quickest way to end a fight.